We need alkaline and well-balanced food if we want to take charge over our health. Think about it, our blood is alkaline, so alkaline food like vegetables and fruits and natural food supplements like Reishi and Spirulina, boost our immune system. Eating alkaline foods gives our brain and body the required energy and nutrients, which can ultimately reduce stress and depression. This type of food must be 80% of our meals, which is really a challenge because of our lifestyle, family and eating habits.


As a medical doctor, I see a large number of patients, and one would expect me to feel tired and stressed, but I don`t! Every morning, I drink the amazing coffee mixed with Reishi mushroom along with five tablets of Spirulina, so that I feel active and can stay focused on my work till afternoon without a worry!

It really is that simple!


Instead of looking and treating health problems as isolated diseases, I treat root causes of diseases, which can be detoxification, digestive, hormonal, immune and cellular imbalances.

The use of natural food supplements like Reishi mushroom, Spirulina, Cordyceps`, and Lions Mane help our body to treat itself, and restore its balance. So, for optimal health cure, through my career as a medical doctor of more than 3 years, I combine the use of these great natural supplements, along with nutritional and lifestyle changes. This leads to a successful treatment because it decreases side effects of drugs, pain, improves the lives of chronically ill people, especially those suffering from diabetes, obesity, stroke, and dyslipidemia with the added benefit of reducing long term complications. For acutely ill people, using natural supplements reveals leads to fast recovery, and restores health instead of only masking the health problem.

Recent Update:

Today myself and 2 leaders from my team, visited malnutrition center in Aden city at the Al-Sadaqa hospital.

It was here where we had discussions with Dr. Badee who is in charge of the center and pediatric consultant about the benefits of spirulina and what we can do for malnourished children. Later on, we will visit him in his private clinic again inshallah to give him all details and papers for starting giving children spirulina under his supervision. I am already giving all my patients who are suffering from iron deficiency anemia, pregnant women and underweight children.

Meet baby Jana..

During my visit to the center...

I had the opportunity to examine one of the malnourished children. Her name is Jana, she is 9 months old, and is suffering from marasmus and a sever chest infection.

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