4 Tips to quit smoking and heal your body

        You are reading my blog now, this means that you decide to quit smoking, may be because you feel tired, have some degrees of shortness of breath, become more anxious and nervous, you look older with wrinkles, can’t enjoy cigarette like before or maybe you get sick and doctors advice you to quit. Anyway, you know exactly what cigarette causes in your body, it increases the risk of developing stroke and heart diseases by 2-4 times and lung cancer by 25 times!! Despite it is one of the most leading causes of death worldwide, it causes more than 100 health problems. So, what is the benefit of going to your job everyday and dreaming of success? For what? And decrease your life years with every cigarette you smoke!! For what? To spend your money trying to restore your health or to cover services while you are disabled!! Please imagine that for a second! Your health is a gift and isn’t owned by you!! Allah will ask you about that and what causes you to become old, please remember that very well. If my words don’t make sense, please visit a near hospital to believe that!!

So, if you ask me right now what next? Then I’m proud of you that you decide to take serious steps. From my experience, the following steps will help you:

First: You decide to quit and never smoke again, schedule a date for that, and write it down.

Second: Tell your friends, wife and family about your decision, be little bit away from smoking friends and places.

Third: Take a 3 days holiday in a nice natural place, do early morning exercises until sunrise and be busy almost all time.

Forth: Advice is change your habits to healthy ones; Change your coffee to healthy one with very little caffeine. Eat healthy food and fresh vegetables like Carrot, drink plenty of water and detox juices like; Pineapple, Peppermint and Ginger to help your body expel toxins out and restore your body.

Hope that help, and I have another 4 nutritional tips special for you to detox your body and return your respiratory functions back to normal after quitting, in a very powerful and effective way.

I promise you I will share simply by contacting me down in the page, see you soon!

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